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Important Information for Derry Township Residents

Burning Regulations
Burning is permitted in Derry Township unless a burning ban has been issued by the Township Ordinance Officer.  A burning ban will be issued at the request of the Derry Township Supervisors or at the discretion of the Ordinance Officer if dry weather conditions dictate a need for a burning ban.

The following is a summary of the ordinance.  A full copy of the actual ordinance is available at the township ordinance office:

1. Burning is limited to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

2. Fires shall not be allowed to burn or smolder throughout the night.

3. No burning is permitted on any Holiday.

4. No burning is to be conducted within 50’ (fifty feet) of any structure or within 25’ (twenty-five feet) of any property line.

5. Burning shall be limited to paper, cardboard and yard waste only. (brush, branches, tree limbs, etc.) NO ACCELERANTS!

6. Burning of construction materials is strictly prohibited.

7. When maintaining an outdoor fire, please be considerate the adjoining property owners.  The smoke from your fire may offend your neighbor.

8. All fires must be attended and have an adequate water source or adequate extinguishment agent immediately available at the site to extinguish the fire completely in the event of an emergency. (windy conditions arise, fire spreads beyond controlled area, etc.)

9. Containers for igniting an open fire shall not exceed the size of a fifty-five (55) gallon drum.  Containers shall sit not less than six (6) inches off the ground and shall be constructed so as to allow the fire to be ventilated from below the container.

10. Burning is prohibited on the ground unless grubbing for maintenance of land or for preparation of construction projects. 


Visible house numbersVisible House Numbers

Township ordinances require that house numbers be displayed on houses.  Numbers must be reflective, at least four inches high, of a contrasting color and visible from the street. We ask residents to check and make sure the numbers may be seen from the street.  Apartment owners are asked to have numbers on each unit’s door.

Visible numbers are vital when there is an emergency call for fire, police or the ambulance service.  Trying to find the right house can cause a delay in providing emergency services.


Uniform Construction Code
Derry Township opted-in to the Uniform Construction Code (Act 45) on July 1st of 2004.  Building Permits for commercial and residential projects are issued by Building Code Official, Merle Musick.  Please call the Township with any questions you may have regarding what types of construction projects require a building permit.

Winter Maintenance
The Township gives top priority to winter maintenance keeping the roads free of ice and snow to ensure the safety of the residents.  Parking along a Township road is prohibited during a snowstorm. The Township is not responsible for maintaining alleys.

New constructionPermits
Permits are required for, but not limited to, the following:
Use and Occupancy of all new construction
Use and Occupancy of all commercial and industrial properties
Building construction or alteration
Swimming Pools
Street Openings
Signs and Fences

Automobiles and Other Vehicles
Vehicles kept on residential property must have a valid registration and inspection sticker.  Vehicles must be maintained in legal operating condition. Storage of unusable vehicles or parts is not permitted.  Habitual or major repair of vehicles in residential districts is not permitted.

Public Right-of-Way
Public right-of-way is the area of ground designated for streets, curbs and sidewalks and is to be kept clear for public use.  It may not be used for storage of vehicles, trash, building materials, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles or any other items.  Mailbox posts may not be of a permanent construction such as masonry or structural steel.  No trees or shrubs may be placed in the right-of-way and existing vegetation may not be replaced when it dies.

Fire & Water Rescue Equipment
In addition to the seven pieces of fire/rescue apparatus, we have a Zodiac inflatable boat with a 15 HP outboard motor, an Achilles inflatable boat with a 25 HP outboard motor and an Oceanid Rapid Deployment Craft for our Swift Water Rescue Team.  We are also certified by the State as a Level II Swift Water Rescue Team, which expresses our capabilities to respond, per request, anywhere within Pennsylvania for water related emergencies.

Voting Districts - Derry Township:
Alters (new) Blairsville VFW Post 5821, 9626 Route 22 West, Blairsville, PA 15717
Bradenville Derry Twp. Municipal Building, 5321 State Rt. 982, Derry PA. 15627
Cokeville 969 Pizza Barn Rd.- off Route 217 - 4905 Route 982, Blairsville, PA 15717
Cooperstown Cooperstown Event Center, 2541 Thomas Street, Latrobe, PA 15650
Kingston Kingston Club, 165 Kingston Club Rd., Latrobe, PA 15650
Loyalhanna K.O.C. Community Center, 415 Brennan Avenue, Latrobe, PA 15650
Millwood Hillside United Methodist Church, 279 Old Route 217, Derry, PA 15627
New Derry (new) Saint Martin Catholic Church, 5684 Route 982, New Derry, PA 15671
Peanut Derry Area School Administration Building, 982 N. Chestnut St. Ext., Derry, PA 15627
Saxman (new) KOC Community Center, 415 Brennan Ave., Latrobe, PA 15650
Scalp Level Alpha Lion's Den Ministries, 716 4th Avenue, Derry, Derry, PA 15627
Simpsons 8725 Route 22, New Alexandria, PA 15670
Torrance Torrance State Hospital, McKinnis Auditorium, 121 Longview Drive, Torrance, PA 15779

Roadmaster Areas

District 1

Roadmaster: Don Kepple

District 2

Roadmaster: Dave Slifka

District 3

Roadmaster: Jim Prohaska
Atlantic, Peach Hollow Clover Hill, Loyalhanna Bairdstown, New Alexandria
Bradenville, Peanut Cooperstown, McChesnytown Brenizer, Rushwood
Elmadale, Segar Deerfield Plan, Redcut Lodge Cokeville, Sundial
Hillside, Superior Keystone Park, Snydertown Gray Station, Torrance
Millwood, West Derry Kingston, Terney Plan Livermore, Area of Westinghouse
New Derry, Part of Kingston      

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